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Minimum Viable Processes - a better alternative to minimum viable products?

Published: at 03:30 PM

Minimum viable processes are my go-to approach for validating assumptions. Whether you’re building a product or working on a marketing plan, minimum viable processes help you validate your assumptions in the shortest amount of time!

For example, I recently saw a discussion on Product Hunt asking for a co-founder matching feature! Now, a traditional approach would be to build a hacky minimum viable product in under a month and make it available to a select cohort and learn from it!

But here’s what I would do now: I’ll just host a meet-up in a few cities with an active community and host an IRL co-founder matching meetup. I’ll also prepare a design of what I’m planning to ship and gather feedback from the attendees during the meet-up.

This not only helps in validating the problem you’re solving but also establishes direct connections with the target audience, which can be invaluable for refining your solution. Moreover, minimum viable processes like these help you move so fast and even build distribution even before you launch a product.